August 27, 2015

MILF Barb’s Toilet Slave

Dear Diary, today I had a nice long session with my toilet slave. It is almost pathetic just how submissive he is. He does everything I say and takes all of my harsh words and punishments, even when he is not misbehaving! Maybe it is cruel of me, but the fact of the matter is that I needed a pet to toilet train and make them my little slave. I have a fenced in area in my back yard separate from the rest of my yard which is actually very clean and appealing to the eye. A manicured lawn, a sparkling pool, gardens along the edges home to many different types of beautiful flowers. And then there was the pig pen as I called it. Home to my little sissy bitch. He doesn’t do anything all day long other than stay in his pen. It is muddy and filthy inside of the pen. There is a small hutch to keep the weather off of him, but other than a small hay covered wooden platform, no […]
January 7, 2014

accomplice phonesex fantasy

  Here I am all ready for our naughty time! You are bringing her with you right? She is blindfolded and her hand’s are bound in front of her, we start by cutting the button’s off her top and then you cut her bra strap’s watch as her big tit’s bounce out and you grope her nice and slow a sick twisted game we like to play with all the dirty girl’s we like to play with. She is starting to moan now and asking why you are doing this that way they talk turn’s you on even more and you put your hand in her pantie’s and play with her soaking wet pussy. I start to pull your jean’s down while you are busy laying her down on the blanket and I get your rock hard cock out. You can not wait any longer so I pull her blindfold off so she can see you climb on top of her. You shove her panties down and pound her pussy nice and hard as I […]
March 18, 2013

I am the sexy pantiestuffer

I am the sexy pantiestuffer. A busty fetish,fantasy babe that you were thinking about last nite. You have seen me a few times walking to my car, I am a big mystery to you which makes me all the more sexy. In your dirty mind you stop me when I get to my car & pull my silky,red panties down to my ankles. As you open the door to the back seat you lay me out press your self against me so I can feel that raging hard cock you have for me. You leave my panties on my ankles and drape my legs around your neck while you tear my top open with your other hand, you watch with a horny smile as the air hits my bare hard nipples. teasing and pinching them I am getting such a wet pussy now. You somehow sense this & slip my panties off ,spread my legs as wide as you can. Pulling your cock out you dangle my panties on the head then pound my panties […]
March 4, 2013

Strap-on & dirtysex

You walked in on one helluva naughty scene last night,I was laying tits up,naked across the bed while a guy in a leather hood sporting a throbbing,massive hard cock licked applesauce off my sexy thighs. I leaned up and flipped the leather hood guy on his stomach and got my big black strap on and taught his little pink puckered hole a real lesson he will not soon forget. He howled as I shoved that cock in faster & faster, that is when He sprayed his monster load all over the naked bound slave girl’s face that was watching us the whole time. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
February 18, 2013

Breast feeding mommy

Breast feeding mommy makes your cock hard. You see her Big tits. The little diaper you are wearing gets tighter and tighter from your hard on growing harder still. Mommy starts to lean down toward you a full view of her pretty creamy tits. Your mouth waters for her round nipples. She senses that you hunger for her big boobs and picks you up and unties her nightie and out comes her breasts. Your fingers touch and rub her nipples making them instantly hard to match the hardness in your diaper. Mommy starts to moan as you slip her nipple into your lips and suckle it soft and sweet her juicy milk trickles down your throat , you are in abdl heaven with your sexy, caring topless Mommy. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
November 12, 2012

Naughty abdl mommy on the couch

You came home early tonight,you found a naughty abdl mommy on the couch.I was treating a very horny daddy to a nice long cock sucking he had his head back,eyes closed he did not notice you were watching him & I. You are such a sneaky thing peering around the corner like that with your hand stroking your little pee-pee right in rhythm to the outstanding blowjob I was giving to my very dirty daddy. He kept his hand on the back of my hair,groaning he started to really wrap his hand in my hair. You are just leering at us even more as daddy picks me up and flips me on my stomach and wrapped his arm around me waist & pulls me close to him. My breasts start to bounce as he shoves his large dick into my hot wet pussy, over and over harder & faster. He then flips me on my back and pushes my breasts together starts to ram the hollow between my tits & then he let’s his juicy,jizz […]
December 9, 2010

hot shemale phonesex

I love talking to all of the naughty guys who call so much I had to start up blogging here. This is the Dirty Diary after all, what better place for me to spill my secrets? My name is Darcy and I am hot wild T-Girl. Your secrets are safe with me, no one ever has to know you have a thing for girls like me. I’ll keep my lips sealed about the fact that you want to take my cock in your mouth and milk the thick cum load out of my balls. I’ll never tell how turned on you get when you see my big tits and rock hard dick. If this sounds like your dirty secret I can’t wait to hear from you so we can get off hard. Tranny Girl Darcy 1-888-430-2010 Cum Chat w/My Friends and I $1.99 a min. U.S. And Canada,/ $2.99 International $2.50 to connect Billed as Madison Enterprise
August 27, 2008

naughty son-in-law part 3

well as you all know that has been following the story of my son-in-law. i had to use a belt on him last week as part of his punishment for not doing what needs to be done,around the house and taking care of my daughter his i had to take things in hand.well now i had this nice little surprise left in the bag just for david.when i brought it out for him to put on i thought that daughter of mine was going to die laughing at him,because of what he was having to wear from now on just for the weekends.and if he try pulling this stunt again i told him it would get worse for him i would parade him up and down in front of his home on a leash wearing this.underneath this is a nice clean diaper that my daughter will change and he has to wear this to work and can not change it until she comes home from work and does it for him after his chores […]
June 23, 2008


June 16, 2008

love men

i love men of all ages now wouldn’t you love for me come down on you and suck that cock of yours till it was nice and hard then make it squirt then lick it all nice and clean you. i bet you would what man wouldn’t love that. if you enjoy that then give me a call you will also find me at madisonsdirtysecrets granny minnie 1-888-430-2010
May 17, 2008

Breast and Belly Inflation

  Somehow you have cast a strange spell on me. You were trying for a spell to make me grow to Giantess proportions but it only worked on two body parts. So my legs, feet, torso, face and everything is staying the same normal size. Suddenly though my belly and breasts are growing at a massive speed. I was asleep when you cast the spell, but the sensation in my body wakes me up. I detect the guilt on your face immediately.” What did you do?” I demand as my body grows beyond the clothes and they rip and fall away. Hmm I wonder what I will use my newly grown parts to do to you. I think next time you will think before you act. If there is a next time for you.   Kisses, Emma
May 4, 2008

Two Giantess Women

Tara and I had not seen a man this small before. He was tiny. I wondered so many things where did he come from? How did he get so small? Were there more like him? He seemed completely terrified. He didn’t know whether to go to us for help, or run for his tiny life. Tara scooped him up before he could make up his own mind. “Awwwww, where did you come from?” she asked him. He just shook in fear of the two Giantess women that held him in their hands together. We had a little time to think on what we could do with our new friend. We both smiled at him, our smiles wide and huge against his micro body. He began to cry seeing the size of our mouths.   Giantess Emma
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