March 31, 2014

diaper me daddy

 I am just a sucker for a diaper daddy,big hand’s powdering my sweet pink pussy and ass. He is such a caring daddy to he make’s me feel good all over even after he washes my nipple’s in the bath. Daddy does not use a wash cloth though,he use’s his big cock,tell’s me how good it feel’s when he press’s it against my throbbing clit when we are in the water rubbing each other all over. When daddy take’s me out of the bath he lay’s a nice comfy towel out on the floor and tell’s me to lay down on it,so I do then he takes his towel off his waist and starts to rub the towel up and down my wet body then he lay’s down next to me and give’s me a real tingle with his tongue as he lick’s my puss real slow then a little faster this make’s me really hot to the point where I feel like I might tinkle in daddy’s mouth. hehehe Knowing Daddy he would […]
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