September 12, 2012

Hot really dirty abduction fantasy

I have a  book I write in all the time I call it my naughty little secret but an even better name for it would be my very dirty diary on the front is a very shiny cover, the word PRIVATE in bold black letters This book holds words that have created some extremely tawdry, naked ,orgasm inducing very pleasurable fantasy fetish worlds that I love living in. A place where I have all my thoughts, naughty stories who knows might make even you my reader blush. One of my fantasy scenes I was only so happy to be a part of was a very sensual abduction fantasy that took place in a wooded area with no one around that I could run to for help. I was just getting home, walked up to my door started to put my key in the lock and out of nowhere to strong hands grabbed me and pulled me into the darkness. I heard a very sexy low voice in my ear”Don’t struggle & you might enjoy what happens […]
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