verbal humilation

November 18, 2008


I see you peeking around that corner at me trying to see what i am doing well come just a little closer and i might let you see.But first you have to take all your clothes off and leave them at the door.Yes you heard me no clothes allowed in here Now don’t hide that cock from me take your hands away from your crotch that right come on now don’t be afraid i won’t hurt you.Thats a good little boy oh i see now why you had your hands down there you thought you were hiding something *giggles*don’t worry or maybe you should because i sure don’t see anything to hide. Doris
November 11, 2008


Did you ever think you would see a grandma like me i didn’t think so but thats ok.I am one of the dirtest grannies you will ever come across and i do enjoy being this way.So if you want to play come and visit me i be happy to take care of you *wink* *wink* i will more than take care of that cock for you. Minnie
November 4, 2008

Like What You See

Oh so you like what you see will come on and whisper in my ear and tell me just  what it is that you like about me.Is it my breast,stomach,lips, smile,ass or my sweet shave pussy that you want to lick and suck on.So come on and tell what you want to do to me and what you like. Doris
October 28, 2008


Oh yes i am a dirty grandma and i know you like what you see i bet you would like to take my nipples into your mouth and suckle them very gently at first and the more you suck the harder you get don’t you little you would like to take that hard dick of yours and push it up inside of me and shoot that hot cream there wouldn’t you little man.well cum on and i might let that happen. Minnie
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