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January 13, 2009


Cum fuck me love being fucked anyway you can think of up the ass down my throat,even deep in my hot dripping sweet pussy,i might even take something and put it up your ass and watch you squirm with delight because i know you will enjoy it. Doris
January 13, 2009


Oh so you like the ideal of having sex with a granny well cum on little man see if you can take it i love these little young things that think they know it all.*laughing* This hot MILF granny will take you on a ride you will not soon forget take that cock of yours in my mouth will suck it till its dry. Then suck it till its all hard again and ride that cock of yours till you can’t take it anymore,i know you will be begging me to stop. Minnie
November 11, 2008


Come to me my little one i am waiting for you to come and fuck me slow or fast and hard i need that hard cock of yours deep inside of me moving in and out of my sweet hot pussy that is dripping wet knowing soon you will ram that hard of cock inside of me,so hurry don’t keep me waiting. Doris
October 28, 2008


October 28, 2008


Oh yes i am a dirty grandma and i know you like what you see i bet you would like to take my nipples into your mouth and suckle them very gently at first and the more you suck the harder you get don’t you little you would like to take that hard dick of yours and push it up inside of me and shoot that hot cream there wouldn’t you little man.well cum on and i might let that happen. Minnie
October 23, 2008

what are you thinking

yes you that is right i am talking to you there what is it you want from me do you want to touch me.fuck me want me to suck that cock of yours.or would you like to lick my sweet soft hot pussy that is drippy with juice well i will think about it first.just how good are you at doing all of these things you want to do to me i have to know before i put my energy into letting you.because if your not any good you will be think long and hard before you answer me. Doris 1-888-430-2010
October 7, 2008


So you think i am a dirty huh.well honey you haven’t seen anything yet.Cum and let me show you just how dirty i get really get with you.I will smile ever so sweetly for you while i masturbate and i make you watch me while i do it too.I will look you straight in the eyes while i rub my pussy and clit moaning ever so softly.And still you won’t be allowed to touch me yet,all the while watching as your cock grows stronger and bigger begging to fuck me.I know you want to my sweet i can see it in your eyes and the way your body is moving toward the bed where i am laying.Think you can handle me i sure hope so because i love to get fucked now you can cum to my bed i will let you touch me and pleasure me. Minnie http://www, 1-888-938-7382
September 12, 2008

Like what you see

Do you like what you see here my long legs that could wrap around your waist and hang on tight while you give me the ride of my life.or my sweet pussy that is just waiting for those lips of yours to dive deep inside of me and lick me clean.or how about my nice firm breast that is aching for that tongue of your’s.oh it makes me so wet thinking of all of things you could do to me. Minnie
September 12, 2008

Think you can

So you really think your ready to take this hot nanny on do you.well come on little man and we shall see if you can.i am one hot and horny bitch.and that cock of yours had better be big and hard and ready for me because if its not you will not get anywhere near this ass of you really need to call me you horny little ass fucker. Rachael 1-888-430-2010
August 14, 2008


now who wouldn’t like to take their nice strong hands and rub them up and down these nice legs of mine. i would especially enjoy it if that was a nice young cock stroking me bringing it right up between my legs and putting it deep inside of me oh just thinking of it makes me want to cream on myself. want to help me fulfill that fantasy i would love for you to. Minnie
June 16, 2008

love men

i love men of all ages now wouldn’t you love for me come down on you and suck that cock of yours till it was nice and hard then make it squirt then lick it all nice and clean you. i bet you would what man wouldn’t love that. if you enjoy that then give me a call you will also find me at madisonsdirtysecrets granny minnie 1-888-430-2010
June 10, 2008

cooling off

need some help trying to stay cool in the hot weather we are having then come to me i will help cool you down. maybe with some water pouring over you or maybe with a real good fucking. and then maybe with both would love to get into the water with you and fuck for as long as you could stand it.come then and let me cool you off. check me out at phoneamommy or madisonsdirtysecrets grannny minnie
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