August 21, 2012

Sensual Scents

You love the smell of most anything especially women they are and have the most erotic scents about them.You love it when she strips off her clothing one piece at a time teasing you She bends over and takes her cool sweet time turning the water on in the massive tub then she takes a bottle of Jasmine oil that you bought her while you were vacationing over seas.You love the sensual scent of this woman most of all you inhale her scent as she walks by you.Smiling as she kinda twist her butt cheeks and looking all shyly at you then as she walks back toward you.Those arms of yours snake out and grab her holding her tightly against your chest leaning down and staking claim to those lips you love of hers. She twist out of your embrace laughing back into the bathroom and stepping down into the tub of Jasmine oil letting out a long sigh as the hot water envelopes her body then she turns your way watching you as you […]
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