May 16, 2015

Love Your Fetishes

  I’m Janey and believe me, I am no plain jane. I am the freaky taboo girl next door and I have absolutely no limits. I want you tell me your darkest fantasies. The ones you’re ashamed of. Share them with me and I will nuture them not surpress them. This is one of the many perks of extreme fetish phone sex. Janey 888*430*2010
May 16, 2015


I’m Mommy Candy and I have a feeling that you have not been a good adult baby boy much lately, have you? You need to be taught your lesson. This sweet mommy will turn into a strict mistress if that’s what it takes to keep you in line!! So you better hold onto that bottom of yours because abdl Mommy Candy is about to spank it! Candy 888*430*2010
September 23, 2012

Tease and Denial

I got a call early in the morning a few days ago from a very special guy who wanted me to teach him about a couple things. He asked me about my past relationships, the things I liked and looked for with a guy. And then he asked me if I’d ever done any tease and denial. I laughed for a second, of course I had and I loved it. He asked if I could tell him a little bit about my past experiences with it. “Like how does it work exactly?” he asked. I told him the best way to do it was to start slow. First you start with just a little while… maybe a week. After a week I like to tease his cock with soft, light touches and strokes, going on for hours, until, of course he’s begging to cum. “Well I can let you cum now, or you can wait two more weeks and then I’ll give you a proper hand job.” Then in two weeks I give him a […]
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