August 13, 2008

sweet nanny

i love being a nanny i think we are so very important to the babies. because we are there to teach them all the things that mommy and daddy doesn’ when if that baby has a bad dream and i come into your  room and take you into mine and tuck you under my covers and snuggle really close with you. i bet you would enjoy that. especially since you seen your daddy snuggling up close with your nanny. and he told you he had a bad dream and i was making it go away. want to snuggle up good and close with this nanny give a call sweetie. would love to do that. Rachel
May 4, 2008

Two Giantess Women

Tara and I had not seen a man this small before. He was tiny. I wondered so many things where did he come from? How did he get so small? Were there more like him? He seemed completely terrified. He didn’t know whether to go to us for help, or run for his tiny life. Tara scooped him up before he could make up his own mind. “Awwwww, where did you come from?” she asked him. He just shook in fear of the two Giantess women that held him in their hands together. We had a little time to think on what we could do with our new friend. We both smiled at him, our smiles wide and huge against his micro body. He began to cry seeing the size of our mouths.   Giantess Emma
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