May 16, 2015

Love Your Fetishes

  I’m Janey and believe me, I am no plain jane. I am the freaky taboo girl next door and I have absolutely no limits. I want you tell me your darkest fantasies. The ones you’re ashamed of. Share them with me and I will nuture them not surpress them. This is one of the many perks of extreme fetish phone sex. Janey 888*430*2010
May 16, 2015


I’m Mommy Candy and I have a feeling that you have not been a good adult baby boy much lately, have you? You need to be taught your lesson. This sweet mommy will turn into a strict mistress if that’s what it takes to keep you in line!! So you better hold onto that bottom of yours because abdl Mommy Candy is about to spank it! Candy 888*430*2010
December 18, 2008


Oh the HOLIDAYS are almost here everyone is running around in circles trying to find that perfect gift for that special person in their life.Well i have the perfect gift if your still looking all you have to do is call me and i will give you the best gift you will ever receive and of course its me *giggles* call DORIS  if you are looking to get fuck every which way you could imagine after i am finished with you those knees will most likely not hold you up. DORIS
October 23, 2008


Well i guess we all have days like this that when we wake everyone scatters.At least the dog and cat does at my house because they know not to say a word until i get that first cup of coffee in me.Because i guess i am a bear until then its like don’t look and don’t speak until then.And get that cock out of my face till i get my coffee please then i will take care of it for you. Minnie
October 7, 2008


So you think i am a dirty huh.well honey you haven’t seen anything yet.Cum and let me show you just how dirty i get really get with you.I will smile ever so sweetly for you while i masturbate and i make you watch me while i do it too.I will look you straight in the eyes while i rub my pussy and clit moaning ever so softly.And still you won’t be allowed to touch me yet,all the while watching as your cock grows stronger and bigger begging to fuck me.I know you want to my sweet i can see it in your eyes and the way your body is moving toward the bed where i am laying.Think you can handle me i sure hope so because i love to get fucked now you can cum to my bed i will let you touch me and pleasure me. Minnie http://www, 1-888-938-7382
September 23, 2008


Have you got a toy for me to play with i sure hope so i love to play with toys of all kinds.Cum and let me see what kind of toy you have in those pants of your’s.Cum  just a little closer don’t be shy i promise not to be too rough but then maybe you would like for me to be just a little rough.Like taking that cock out of your pants and kneeling down on my knees and lick him from bottom of the shaft to the tip of the head running my pink tongue all around him,then put him all the way inside of my mouth and start sucking on him keep doing that until you shoot that white creamy cum inside of my mouth.I know your getting hard thinking of me doing this to you. RACHEL
September 18, 2008


now what kind of granny would you that likes to suck,fuck and play hard and that is lots of fun that doesn’t have any taboo’s or one that just sit in her rocking chair and waits for you to cum to visit her and has your cookies and milk ready for you.well i am one that isn’t going to sit in a rocking chair but i will have milk and cookies for you.the best milk and cookies that you would ever get too so sweet and tasty you will just cum back for more and more.because you will never get enough of cum and taste my milk and cookies lets fill that tummy full. minnie
September 2, 2008

Naughty Nanny

oh yes my little ones i can be as naughty as you and probably more so since nanny has had more experience.but since you have been bad you really need to come and see me and see what kind of punishment i have for might be a spanking,blindfolded,tied up or just never know with me. so come and see you nanny rachel. Rachel
September 2, 2008


I am the type of person that really enjoys life whatever comes my way i try to make good from it.i enjoy dining out with friends or a just a friend.just wish all things were as simple as life is really.when you meet someone that your attracted to hopefully it will work out for you sometimes it doesn’t even if you get to remain friends there is always the touch you need from that person and no matter how much you try to push it away it lingers there in the back of your mind,you miss the little things like a smile or a laugh or the thrust of his cock going deep inside you and that moan coming from down deep in your throat.when that happens the sweat coming from the pores of the bodies as they make passionate love together and  that ever glowing feeling afterwards. Minnie
August 27, 2008

Anything Goes

hey there all you naughty boys have you ever had a nanny as dirty and naughty as i am bet you haven’t.i love my toys when i don’t have a man around to play with.i love to play with all kind of things i do love to get kinky. i wonder what kind of toys you would have for me to play with,if you have any cum and play with me.i promise to give you a really good time with or without those toys. Rachel
August 21, 2008

naughty son in law

well as you all know that read last week post that my daughter had to call me because of her husband david was just no doing what needed to be done to take care of his home and when i arrived he looked like a slob. i had sent him to my car to retrieve a bag i keep in there just for him.well after he had brought into the house to me i went thru the bag gone a few things out. meanwhile i had made him strip all of his clothing off. had him to come over to where i was waiting for him with my belt in hand. he knew what was cumming he always knows what is going to happen when he gets like this. so over he cums to me i make him bend over and i started spanking that ass of his very hard. he wants to get up and away from me but that is not going to work i keep on spanking even harder until he […]
August 14, 2008


now who wouldn’t like to take their nice strong hands and rub them up and down these nice legs of mine. i would especially enjoy it if that was a nice young cock stroking me bringing it right up between my legs and putting it deep inside of me oh just thinking of it makes me want to cream on myself. want to help me fulfill that fantasy i would love for you to. Minnie
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