February 28, 2012

AB/DL humiliation

  Hey there, are you ready for some ABDL humiliation little brother? I want you  to be my sissy. You ready to explore maximum ecstasy? I know I know you are ready I can tell *wink* Well, the possibilities are endless so don’t be shy to explore all of you inner naughty thoughts. I want to capture you when you’re outside wearing your nice little  pink dress. Some  people might point at you and laugh but you’re always going to be my little sissy sister. Yeah, I’m a put you in a li’l light pink ruffled dress. You’re gonna look so sweet in it and it’s only obvious that your gonna be wearing your li’l pink diaper for me. Then, the fun starts. I’ll take you out to see all my friends, and your li’l face is gonna turn so red from the humiliation of the whole thing. Its gonna be great! All you gotta do is pick up the phone and sissy Cali for embarrassing ABDL humiliation. I got that pink dress waiting for you. LOL 😉 […]
November 21, 2008


I was just a judge in a quite unique contest. You see I was the judge in a sissy cock-sucking contest. How it got started was that a few sissies started comparing themselves to each other as to how they looked and wanted to know what I thought. Well after thinking a few moments about it I said that they all looked cute dressed up and the best way for me to declare a winner was a cock sucking contest and the winner would be the one who got to swallow my load. Boy that sure was tough to decide but pleasurable. Well if you want to know who one and how they did it just give Me a call and I will go into detail about it.    Master Paul  
October 29, 2008

Feeling Neglected

I am here waiting for you, I am not afraid to try new things if you have a special request I will do my very best to fullfill your fantasy.  I love men and women which can lead to very interesting situations.  MMM the way a womens body feels against mine joined by a hard cock is more then any women could ask for. Cum and play with me my pussy is dripping for you. Don’t be shy I won’t bite, well unless you want me too.  xoxoxoxo Rachel   Call me 1-888-430-2010
June 24, 2008

Granny loves to fuck young boys

            Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fuck your granny?  Ever wonder if she’s a good cock sucker? After all she’s been having sex longer than anyone you know right?  Ever peek under granny’s skirt or sniff her panties in the hamper?  Well wonder no more call me and let’s explore all the possibilities of what it would be like when granny catches you watching her in the shower when you walk in on granny and her dildo….after all you could offer her the real thing instead of that plastic dildo and besides you’re supposed to help the elderly tehehehehe   1 888 430-2010  
June 17, 2008


Grandma Doris is going to dress you up like that dirty lil cocksucking whore I know you really are. You are going to get the complete slut treatment: bra, panties, miniskirt, fishnets, and fuck me high heels and of course lots of dick sucking red lipstick! Wanna know what you are going to do next? Well then give me a call and find out! 1 888 430-2010
June 13, 2008

What I want

What do I want out of a slave? Well lets start out like this I rule with a leather fist so to speak.I like doing cbt and watching  them howl.Also I like to crossdress  and humiliate them have them under my feet and putting the sissies in their pretty little dresses and be the Dominating real man they desire. So come and worship Me!   Master Paul
June 10, 2008


                My sissy baby needs special attention to make you feel girlie and sexy! Mommy will have to first teach you to tuck in your peepee between your legs and tape it down so you have a little pussy like mommy.  You will also not wear anymore baby clothes because sissy babies wear dresses and tights over your pretty pink diapers.  Mommy will also teach her sissy baby to walk in his new buckle heels.  Finally mommy will put pretty pink butterfly barrettes in your hair and top it all off with some light pink lip gloss.  Mommy is so proud of her sissy that she will have to show you off to all her friends and introduce you as her new baby girl…. Posted by Doris Call Grandma Doris at 1 888 430-2010 Add “callgrandmadoris” to YAHOO Messenger    
June 3, 2008

Hot Grandma

Have you noticed how attractive an older woman is? Have you noticed yourself getting a hard on every time your mom’s friend’s come over? What about while you are watching the next door neighbor send her children off to college in the morning? Well I am an older woman, let’s just say way older ~wink~, and I can tell you our pussies get very wet and creamy, I can show you just how good we can suck that hard stiff cock and how we know what you want and how to get you off! Experience the “Older is Better” quote first hand! I enjoy younger and older men alike, but the question is can you handle this granny? Posted by Doris Call Grandma Doris at 1 888 430-2010 Add “callgrandmadoris” to YAHOO Messenger    
May 27, 2008


Want to talk to a grandma with a hot pussy?  Sure, I’m older but that does not mean that sex is in my past. I love sex and I’m willing to share my secrets with you. I might be older but grandma is still full of juice. You will be happy to learn that when it comes to fucking grandma likes it all ways. Learn the secrets of a good blow job. Quiz granny on her first time and don’t be surprised when she tells you about the last time she got fucked too. An experienced lover can be an important first step for a young man. Who better to teach him the way of the pussy? Don’t forget that she has all the sexual urges that a girl a quarter her age feels. Posted by Doris Call Grandma Doris at 1 888 430-2010 Add “callgrandmadoris” to YAHOO Messenger
May 20, 2008


              WHACK WHACK WHACK! Please Mommy, please don’t hurt me! I’ll do anything you say! Anything? Will you lick my pussy like a good boy? Oh Mommy- please – I want to be good – but not that – please – WHACK WHACK WHACK! I’ll make you obey me, you disobedient little boy!  If you don’t want to lick Mommy then Mommy then I’ll have to bend you over and put something special in your bum bum…Now lick it and make Mommy cum! Posted by Doris Call Grandma Doris at 1 888 430-2010   Add “callgrandmadoris” to YAHOO Messenger  
May 13, 2008

Potty training with Granny Doris

            You are playing with the toys on the floor when Grandma come into the nursery to see how you are. I ask if you are dry and you assure me that you are. I make you look me in the eye and tell me again, because we both know that you’ve been forgetting to use the potty lately and thus creating a lot of work for Granny. I say that I shall be coming in to check your nappy in a minute so it had better be dry or I shall be very cross and you will not be allowed back into your big boys pants, and Granny knows how much you want to be a big boy and not have to wear a nappy like a baby.   Posted by Doris Call Grandma Doris at 1 888 430-2010 Add “callgrandmadoris” to YAHOO Messenger
May 6, 2008


Any fantasy!  Any role play!  Fell free to totally express yourself with me. You can be the naughty boy that I catch trying my stockings and heels on. Maybe you go through Mommy’s hamper and sneak my used, cum filled panties into your room.  You sniff my pussy juices and lick them before jerking off and filling them with your own cum!  Mommy also likes to play dress up with little sissy sluts.  Let me catch you playing in my panty drawer and I’ll turn you into my pretty little girl….. parading you around for all my friends to see and laugh at.  Maybe even a hot and nasty slutgirl out to suck as many cocks as you can find!  Do you like to suck cock?  Want to be mommy’s pretty little slut and take my boyfriend’s big cocks up your slutty little asspussy?  CUM to Mommy….   I’m waiting for you! Call Doris at 1 888 938-7382 Posted by Doris
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