September 16, 2013

Secret depravity

I am your secret & most trusted fetish conversationalist. Bound on the ground by your bad ass mistress you shake from the panic you feel at what I plan to put you through. I know what you need deep down your inner depravity speak’s to mine. You want to be stepped on and called the most vile and disgusting name’s. I smear dark red lipstick all across your face,you are such a sick,disappointing piece of garbage and no one but me can stand the sight of you. Whimpering, swine that you are did you think for one minute your stench would not bother me? I can feel the filth coming off you in wave’s. I see you laying on your belly before me struggling against the binding embrace of the handcuff’s and I think to myself just how simple it would be choke you till you turn blue you miserable,horrid sleaze! Maybe I will do the world a favor and drop you into an open hole in the desert your wife thinks your a joke she […]
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