May 14, 2008

Just What Your Faggot Ass Needs

Hey faggot boy! Yeah you.  You know you dream of sucking cock, and you cream just thinking about it at your less then satisfying shit hole of a work place.  Good news shit licker!  I am here to help you with your feable attempts at making yourself happy.  I will guide you, whore you out, make you my personal rent bitch.  Don’t like the sound of that? To fucking bad, now get out there and start finding dick. Dominant MILF, Maggie 1-888-430-2010
May 3, 2008

Feast On Me

Make me your tasty little dish.  I love sick fantasies, gynophagia, snuff, serial killer, cannibalism or anything else you can come up with.  Want to rape me then cut me up? Fine, I’ll scream, and fight and struggle and cry.  Oh poor me.  How could you not want to dine on this piece of hot snatch?  If I could I would eat me too lol. One Fine Phone Fuck, Liz
March 10, 2008

Southern Pussy

Wouldn’t you like to dive into that soft pink slit? I can just feel you twirling your hard probing tongue around and around. Hitting that clit in all the right places, over and over again. Make this southern bitch squirt on your face baby, or on your dick, or on your…. Sexy Slut Liz 1-888-430-2010
February 29, 2008

Taking Your Calls

Just because I am older does not mean that I’m not sexual, or erotic. I am here to dispel all those stupid rumors about women such as I who are in their 50’s-60’s. Some men think because we have some mileage on us, that we lose interest in sex, or that we aren’t any good. Let me tell you something, we LOVE sex, and we LOVE showing off our skills in the bedroom. With age comes some hot fuck time between the sheets! I myself love being a GILF, oh yes I do, make no mistake about it. I not only do sex calls, but I love to take a young man (or young lady) and show them how enjoyable spending time with this intoxicating granny can be *wink*. Granny D
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