baby boy in diapers

June 25, 2015
Mommy Sabrina doesn’t like it when her baby boy sits there and wets his diaper.  That makes mommy very upset !  Why do you have to disobey your mommy ?   Mommy Sabrina loves nurturing you and making sure her baby’s have all they need and want but, when they disobey me, that makes mommy want to spank their little bottoms.  So, don’t expect mommy to be very happy with you after you wet your diaper.  I change your diapers and you just pee pee in them again just so Mommy Sabrina has to change you and it’s always seems to happen after mommy gets undressed.  Mommy Sabrina thinks is so her precious babies can grab mommies boobies and stick her nipple in your mouths.  Well, if that is why you keep pee peeing your diapers then I guess that is fine with mommy as long as you don’t bite her.  So, if you want to please your mommy, behave your self and stay dry. Call Mommy Sabrina at 1-888-430-2010    
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