shrinking man

June 16, 2015

Giantess Phone Sex

Giantess phone sex is one of my favorite calls. Just imagine you’re sitting at the table, a little nervous. It’s our third date and you’ve finally made it over to my place. You think you’re getting lucky. I walk in from the kitchen and hand you a glass of wine as I give you a flirty smile saying dinner will be ready in just a moment. You notice my eyes on you as you take a sip. After about a third swig you notice a funny sensation. You look around you and everything starts to seem distorted and larger. But you’re not drunk, you’re shrunken man! Your clothes start to weigh you down as your no longer able to support them. You are no longer a man. You are my toy. And this giantess is ready to play. Jenna 888*430*2010
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