mini giantess

December 27, 2008

dangerous Giantess

She doesn’t even know that you are there, standing in her plate. She is laughing and talking to her friends and you are scrambling trying to climb out of this huge battlefield. You get to the edge, and are almost out, as the spoon swoops down and knocks you back to the middle of the plate. It’s no use, you aren’t getting out, you tell yourself. Then she brings the spoon down and you are on it. Watching in horror as you move towards her mouth, should you jump, or just go with some dignity, a meal for a Giantess?   Kisses, Emma    
November 15, 2008

My little man

Don’t worry, I will share my toy. The other end is for you. The more you lean into it, and the deeper it goes, the smaller you grow. I really like this special magic lube that I put on it. Now you will be the size of a sex toy. Smaller than this one, and perfect for me. I don’t know what you are fussing about, you’ve been whining to get in my panties for weeks now. I guess this wasn’t the way you intended to be in them though.   Kisses,| Emma
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