September 8, 2008

She Can

So you think you have a big cock and don’t think you will ever find anyone who can take it all at once. Well I have got some news for you Riley can take about all you can offer. She can suck and deep throat you like you have never been sucked before. Her pussy gets so wet that your meat will slide easily till you hit the bottom. Now try her ass it is tight and deep. She is one special cock hungry little whore that loves to satisfy and be satisfied so give her a call and find out how much she can take.    Jason
August 24, 2008

Her Body

      I often wonder how I ended up with Riley and the beautiful body that she has. Have you had a good look at it? Lets start with her face and hair doesn’t she look like a model in a magazine. Then her hot tits nice full and round with those sweet perfect nipples to put your mouth on. Then on to her tight round full ass that you could rub and kiss on all night long. And those long slim legs that you cant help but stare at. Last but not least is that slippery wet hot pussy that just begs to be fucked and licked. Oh and I almost forgot about those kissable blowjob lips that she has. I consider myself one very lucky guy to call her mine and have her to share.      Jason swingers phonesex 1-888-938-7382
July 6, 2008

A little bondage

      Jason came walking out of the spare room with a big smile on his face last night. I could tell he was up to something. I just didn’t know exactly what. He took out some rope and made a soft little wrist cuff from it, slipped it over my wrist and walked me to our bedroom. I expected to be tied to the bed but Jason slipped the other end of the rope up to over our door. He smiled as he pulled out another and did the same. He was fill of surprises because I was completely unable to guess his next move, as he continued to tease me to the point of cumming and then backing off.   Jason and Riley
May 8, 2008

The Taste Test

  Most men I have known are in a state of bliss when a woman swallows during oral sex. The thing is that it doesn’t seem to happen very often. There are ways to make yours tastier. If you want to pass the taste test limit your vices of cigarettes, alcohol, and red meat. So what should you use to make it taste more pleasant? Fruits are your friends. Consume more pineapple, bananas and apples. So give this method a try for about two weeks and see if it doesn’t better the taste of your cream. Also drinking more water helps the consistency. Not sure why but it does. So maybe it will work for you.   Riley 1-888-938-7392 for swinger’s couple phone sex
May 2, 2008

Pussy Feast

On Cinco de Mayo we are having a party here. Not a big bash, just about three other sexy couples. The exciting thing about this party is no one knows who is ending up with whom until that night. My cock has been raging hard thinking of all the possibilities of whom I get to take care of. I have always liked eating pussy but here recently it is my main desire when I take a girl to bed. So who knows who I might be tasting come next Monday night.   Jason   Jason and Riley Swingers phone sex 1-888-938-7382
February 29, 2008

sexy clean up

     Jason loves licking my body, my pussy and my ass hole after several others have plowed me. You know what? I love it too. The feeling of euphoria from all that fucking as he licks away all the sweat and juices is overwhelming. He’s not a cuckold boyfriend by any means. He just loves tasting all of the flavors of me. It’s the same as how I get horny licking all the cum and pussy cream off of his cock after he has been with another woman.      If you had a hot little girlfriend who let you swing with other women, and was confident enough to get her satisfied also, wouldn’t you want to lick every inch of her body afterwards? I think one of the best times is when another female and I share Jason’s cock. Side by side taking turns licking all over the head and shaft.     Sound like a good time? Then come and play with us. Riley
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