September 23, 2012

Tease and Denial

I got a call early in the morning a few days ago from a very special guy who wanted me to teach him about a couple things. He asked me about my past relationships, the things I liked and looked for with a guy. And then he asked me if I’d ever done any tease and denial. I laughed for a second, of course I had and I loved it. He asked if I could tell him a little bit about my past experiences with it. “Like how does it work exactly?” he asked. I told him the best way to do it was to start slow. First you start with just a little while… maybe a week. After a week I like to tease his cock with soft, light touches and strokes, going on for hours, until, of course he’s begging to cum. “Well I can let you cum now, or you can wait two more weeks and then I’ll give you a proper hand job.” Then in two weeks I give him a […]
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