sex facial

May 18, 2012

fuck my face

I’m one slut your friends really wish they could get. I love going down on you in front of them. Getting on my knees while you and your friends are watching t.v . You giving me a facial with your yummy cummie. My tight hot cunt dripping with my essence waiting for you to take me from behind and fuck me like you always do but this time is different your friends have other plans. Your friends are watching us me on all fours dripping sweat and you with your big hard throbbing member getting ready to fuck my face. I am topless and ready to get down with you in front and your friend Kyle walks up behind me and starts putting his hands all over my ass he has a big bottle of lube and starts to dizzle it on my asshole so I am nice and wet and then he reaches down and pulls my ankles out further toward him and then he starts fucking my tight ass. I bet I know […]
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