sex fetish

December 8, 2008

Lets have a snowball fight

AH come on now just because i am a granny doesn’t mean i don’t know how to have fun.I love playing in the snow and letting naughtyness come out especially when i have someone to play in the snow with me lets strip off and make snow angels and get good and cold then go inside by that nice warm fire you have going so we can get really bad. Minnie
October 28, 2008


September 2, 2008

Naughty Nanny

oh yes my little ones i can be as naughty as you and probably more so since nanny has had more experience.but since you have been bad you really need to come and see me and see what kind of punishment i have for might be a spanking,blindfolded,tied up or just never know with me. so come and see you nanny rachel. Rachel
September 2, 2008


I am the type of person that really enjoys life whatever comes my way i try to make good from it.i enjoy dining out with friends or a just a friend.just wish all things were as simple as life is really.when you meet someone that your attracted to hopefully it will work out for you sometimes it doesn’t even if you get to remain friends there is always the touch you need from that person and no matter how much you try to push it away it lingers there in the back of your mind,you miss the little things like a smile or a laugh or the thrust of his cock going deep inside you and that moan coming from down deep in your throat.when that happens the sweat coming from the pores of the bodies as they make passionate love together and  that ever glowing feeling afterwards. Minnie
August 27, 2008

naughty son-in-law part 3

well as you all know that has been following the story of my son-in-law. i had to use a belt on him last week as part of his punishment for not doing what needs to be done,around the house and taking care of my daughter his i had to take things in hand.well now i had this nice little surprise left in the bag just for david.when i brought it out for him to put on i thought that daughter of mine was going to die laughing at him,because of what he was having to wear from now on just for the weekends.and if he try pulling this stunt again i told him it would get worse for him i would parade him up and down in front of his home on a leash wearing this.underneath this is a nice clean diaper that my daughter will change and he has to wear this to work and can not change it until she comes home from work and does it for him after his chores […]
July 24, 2008

Dirty little boy

oh my goodness you are one dirty little minded boy are you not but guess what that just means that you and i can really have some fun.but i just didn’t realize just how far that imagination of your’s could go. woo-wee how about we go upstairs to my bedroom so we can get started or we could start here doesn’t matter to me anywhere is fine.just as long as you take that tongue of your’s and lick this hot pussy of mine while i suck deep and hard on that cock of yours . MINNIE 1-888-430-2010
July 23, 2008


can’t you see i am so hot and ready for you won’t you cum and help me out.i need that cock of your deep inside of me thrusting in and out cum make squirm i know you can and you really want to so call me baby  i am waiting. RACHEL 1-888-430-2010
July 14, 2008

on your knees part #2

thought i told you to crawl well it seems like you don’t listen very well do you or are you hard of hearing,well if that be the case i can help you out with that problem.* smack* across that ass should help you realize what i have been telling you. that you are nothing but a dog and will be treated as such.maybe this collar will help remind you just what you are hmm. rachel
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