leather master

December 5, 2008


  Once I give an order I expect it to be followed promptly and to the letter. Well a circumstance arose the other day in which it was not properly obeyed. So what else was I supposed to do but bring down My wrath? The punishment was a paddling with no warm up and once I was done he said his little butt was burning so I made him sit in a bowl of ice water with his cock down in there also. If you think of being insolent with Me your Master this could be awaiting you, slut.   Master Paul
October 17, 2008

From Hell

      Sometimes a regular spanking won’t do. Just some tapping from my every day paddle won’t get the point across. On days like that my bitches need a spanking from hell. One that will make you wish that your actually were on fire, as it would hurt less than this. Now you might be wondering what could a sweet subbie do to deserve this sort of punishment? Why don’t you try me and find out.        Master Paul      
October 4, 2008


I am not in the mood to hear your lame excuses crawl your sorry nasty ass over here right now! So do you think you know what’s going to happen to you know? You don’t because I haven’t told you yet. I am the Master and you are the cum dumpster. So now that you know your place in the chain on your stomach and squirm over here so I can laugh at you for you are no more than My entertainment. Will you earn your keep that is to be seen so please Me or leave my presence.   Master Paul    
September 19, 2008

Fire and Ice

       Oh what fun it is top play with heat and cold on a subbies that has no idea what is coming next. Some of the hot stuff like muscle rub on the balls and ginger root up the pee hole will get the fire started. And when it is time to get cooled off a cube of ice on some red butt cheeks or on the nipples will cool them off in a hurry. A blindfold is always handy at these times so the don’t know what is coming next. So next time you play try a little bit of fire and ice for a wonderful new sensation.       Master Paul  
September 12, 2008

Take It

      If you are going to try to please me sexually you had better be able to take all that I am going to give your sorry ass. If I let you suck my sweet cock you had better swallow it all the way down your throat and when I shoot my precious wad don’t you even dare spill a drop of it. And if you’re lucky enough for Me to fuck you up that asshole you better be prepared to have it severely pounded. I don’t need any of your lame sissy ass excuses of why you couldn’t take it. If you plan on trying to get My sperm out of me you are going to have to take everything I so graciously allow you to have.   Master Paul       
August 28, 2008

sissy dress up

      Well well well, here you are on your knees. Being such a good boy. I wonder what Master has in store for you today? I think I am going to take you to one of my female friends and have you made into the cum whore that you are. Yes, some makeup, some slutty attire, and then you’ll be ready. You didn’t think I was just going to let you stay as you are did you? No, I much prefer you dolled up and looking like a streetwalker. I think one of the Mistresses here or ladies will do you some good, let’s go.     Phone Master Paul
August 10, 2008


I was just thinking of some wonderful and very painful forms of CBT. I was thinking about some good ones like clothespins on the nut sack, sounds, electric flyswatter parachutes, wax play and just some good old crushing. What I was wondering was what is your favorite I can torture you. Is it one of these or someway else you desire me to torture those tiny little cocks of yours.      Master Paul  
August 4, 2008


I am going to need your help especially if you are a pain slut.I know everyone has their own thing they like during play. What I want to know is what is your drive for the pain. I know for me I have seen men and women cum from just having their ass beaten. I have gotten an erection but never came from beating someone’s please let me know why and how this gets you off.   Master Paul  
July 27, 2008

Mind and Body

A short time ago a subbie slave of mine told me that he would give me his mind and body to use as I please. I am sure that he was giving me total control of his life and would obey my commands and desires. So there would be a test to prove to Me that he could fulfill his desire to hand over his life to Me. The test was for him was a long and grueling week and he passed and was added to the stable of slaves for Me to use a my disposal. So are you ready to hand your life over to your Master.    Master Paul 
June 6, 2008

Its Your Ass

 On my latest session I was requested to see how my toy I could use in one hour. Well that sounded like a challenge to me so off I got started on his well padded ass. Starting with my bare hand to get him warmed up next came the six wooden paddles of various sizes then came the eight different crops I own that leading to the three leather straps and next came floggers four were used then it got to cream or the crop the single tail whip to finish him off. I got a good feeling he got one very red sore ass. So next time you ask so much you never can really tell how much you are going to get.            Master Paul
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