January 13, 2009


Oh so you like the ideal of having sex with a granny well cum on little man see if you can take it i love these little young things that think they know it all.*laughing* This hot MILF granny will take you on a ride you will not soon forget take that cock of yours in my mouth will suck it till its dry. Then suck it till its all hard again and ride that cock of yours till you can’t take it anymore,i know you will be begging me to stop. Minnie
December 18, 2008


Oh the HOLIDAYS are almost here everyone is running around in circles trying to find that perfect gift for that special person in their life.Well i have the perfect gift if your still looking all you have to do is call me and i will give you the best gift you will ever receive and of course its me *giggles* call DORIS  if you are looking to get fuck every which way you could imagine after i am finished with you those knees will most likely not hold you up. DORIS
November 18, 2008


I see you peeking around that corner at me trying to see what i am doing well come just a little closer and i might let you see.But first you have to take all your clothes off and leave them at the door.Yes you heard me no clothes allowed in here Now don’t hide that cock from me take your hands away from your crotch that right come on now don’t be afraid i won’t hurt you.Thats a good little boy oh i see now why you had your hands down there you thought you were hiding something *giggles*don’t worry or maybe you should because i sure don’t see anything to hide. Doris
October 23, 2008

what are you thinking

yes you that is right i am talking to you there what is it you want from me do you want to touch me.fuck me want me to suck that cock of yours.or would you like to lick my sweet soft hot pussy that is drippy with juice well i will think about it first.just how good are you at doing all of these things you want to do to me i have to know before i put my energy into letting you.because if your not any good you will be think long and hard before you answer me. Doris 1-888-430-2010
September 12, 2008

Think you can

So you really think your ready to take this hot nanny on do you.well come on little man and we shall see if you can.i am one hot and horny bitch.and that cock of yours had better be big and hard and ready for me because if its not you will not get anywhere near this ass of you really need to call me you horny little ass fucker. Rachael 1-888-430-2010
June 16, 2008

love men

i love men of all ages now wouldn’t you love for me come down on you and suck that cock of yours till it was nice and hard then make it squirt then lick it all nice and clean you. i bet you would what man wouldn’t love that. if you enjoy that then give me a call you will also find me at madisonsdirtysecrets granny minnie 1-888-430-2010
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