December 10, 2012

Ageplay Phonesex

Every once in a while I get a little break from babysitting and I get to be the one who gets played with. I’ve got a special daddy who just loves extreme ageplay phonesex. Whenever he calls he shrinks me down to a sweet little ABy girl. He always says, “Daddy wants to play with his little girl,” and then POOF, all of a sudden I turn into the sweetest little ABy. Daddy likes to climb into bed with me and put his big, strong hands all over me, and it’s never too long before he says, “Daddy’s gonna touch your peepee now…” It makes me all tingly every time hehee! And after that, I know that it’s gonna be my turn to touch Daddy’s peepee, and then pretty soon after that, he puts his big peepee inside me. Since he shrinks me down so small, Daddy has to make certain that he’s extra careful with me so he doesn’t hurt me! And even though I know it’s my job to make Daddy feel good, […]
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