giantess vore

January 10, 2009

Warning, may smother you shrink you and make you my toy.

      You have been warned. There is no telling just what might happen to you. I guess it all depends on what I think would be fun. Would you turn back after seeing that, or walk right into my world? I am a Giantess of many faces. Sometimes I am kind and look to help the tiny men I find. Sometimes though, I just might toy with you, and keep you just alive to play with.   Kisses, Emma
December 6, 2008

Sissy Hookers

Some sissies get to be very good at what they do. I train them with dildos and my man friends until they are ready to work for me for real. (As real as they can in a fantasy hehe). Then the little sissies get sent to the streets to suck for cash. I get asked to train sissy whores on a pretty regular basis, so it must be a common fantasy. One wanted to be a whore specialized for soldiers to use. I told him I wouldn’t charge the soldiers, but I’d love to have him used by them for free. So little sissies that want to be used like the whore you are inside, call me up.   Kisses, Emma  
November 29, 2008

little men for me

  With my house getting all decorated for Christmas I could use some little men. Well I would prefer them smaller than elves, but the fun we could have. Think of being my little miniature elf this year. The dangers of climbing the Christmas tree with the cats watching so closely would be immense. There would be those nice times, hiding in my bathrobe and watching as I bathed. It would be dangerous but not all bad.     Kisses, Giantess Emma
November 8, 2008

Cum and relax with me

        It was such a long week wasn’t it? So many tiring evenings to tend to. Well tonight is all about you. Crawl up in this tub with me and have a glass of wine. I got your favorite. I’d be more than happy to soap you up and down, slowly up and down. Now doesn’t that make for a better night? Letting you watch the bubble run off of my tits.Just the two of us here in this soapy tub, taking each other in? The best part comes after we dry each other off and head for new scenery.   Kisses, Emma
October 11, 2008

small as punishment

       What if women (and some men) had the power to shrink others for short periods of time? The person might know when it was coming on, after having it happen to them. Say like they may feel a strange tingle, or lightheaded. It would sure help in training guys to act like we want <wink>.So he forgot to put gas back in your car? Well then he doesn’t need to be able to drive the whole weekend, how about just being totally dependant on you for those forty-eight hours? Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.   Kisses, Emma  
September 20, 2008

did I?

  I didn’t know the powder would really shrink him. Who expects something you buy through some shady magazine to work. When we ordered it we laughed and said, “sure, make your lover into a Polly pocket doll”. Now though as I look at him, look down at him he is tiny. What am I going to do? I can barely hear his squeaky voice, and the sound of mine seems to hurt his ears tremendously. How will I keep him safe? Was it an accident, or did I secretly hope it would work just as we discussed?   Kisses, Emma
August 30, 2008

to squash or not to squash

      There is a place in those fishnets right in the hole where I could slide a little man right in. Think about being trapped in the netting against my smooth ass. You are the perfect size for it babe. I love to feel tiny bodies rubbing against my skin too. Feel that netting gripping your body, holding you in like a giant fishing net. After all at your size that is exactly what it is. I do hope I remember your back there, because if I sit down.. Poor little man.   Kisses, Emma
July 19, 2008

His big weekend

         What do you have planned this weekend? One of my little men is spending the weekend on Giantess Island. At least that was what our call was about. I was a travel agent and he had won a weekend trip to a secluded private island. He didn’t remember entering a contest, but he was up for a prize.      When he was brought to his destination I towered over him and let him know he was to be spending a weekend on Giantess Island. He wasn’t terribly small in comparison to the island inhabitants, but small enough to intimidate. Most of the giantesses are between seven and ten foot tall. I hope he enjoys his stay.   Kisses, Emma
June 21, 2008

Giantess crush, what I feel today

     Today I wish giantess growth were real, well at least for me (hehe). For one I would love the longer legs to get around faster, and I would love the option of smashing things in my way. This could include cars, people, and buildings, trees whatever is in the path. I just feel like going on a giantess crush warpath for some reason.   Giantess Emma  
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