Naughty abdl mommy on the couch

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November 3, 2012
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November 18, 2012
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Naughty abdl mommy on the couch

You came home early tonight,you found a naughty abdl mommy on the couch.I was treating a very horny daddy to a nice long cock sucking he had his head back,eyes closed he did not notice you were watching him & I. You are such a sneaky thing peering around the corner like that with your hand stroking your little pee-pee right in rhythm to the outstanding blowjob I was giving to my very dirty daddy. He kept his hand on the back of my hair,groaning he started to really wrap his hand in my hair. You are just leering at us even more as daddy picks me up and flips me on my stomach and wrapped his arm around me waist & pulls me close to him. My breasts start to bounce as he shoves his large dick into my hot wet pussy, over and over harder & faster. He then flips me on my back and pushes my breasts together starts to ram the hollow between my tits & then he let’s his juicy,jizz blow all over my face.

Next thing I know your behind him and you no longer have your diaper on your cock is in your hand and as soon as daddy gets up off of me you lock eyes with me and climb on to your naughty abdl mommy riding my wet pussy making me scream your name Jason mmm yea Jason you feel so damn good!

Thanks again for coming home early that night.


creamy Crissy


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