Breast feeding mommy

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February 10, 2013
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February 26, 2013
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Breast feeding mommy

Breast feeding mommy makes your cock hard. You see her Big tits.

The little diaper you are wearing gets tighter and tighter from your hard on growing harder still. Mommy starts to lean down toward you a full view of her pretty creamy tits. Your mouth waters for her round nipples. She senses that you hunger for her big boobs and picks you up and unties her nightie and out comes her breasts. Your fingers touch and rub her nipples making them instantly hard to match the hardness in your diaper.

Mommy starts to moan as you slip her nipple into your lips and suckle it soft and sweet her juicy milk trickles down your throat , you are in abdl heaven with your sexy, caring topless Mommy.



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