April 16, 2020

Sensual Dominatrix Controls Women and Men

Dominating someone, bringing them to their knees is always satisfying for me, whether it’s a man or a woman. Both are fun in their own ways, but it really is a pleasure to bring some bratty, mouthy little princess down a few pegs. The pretty ones almost always think that all they have to do to get their way is bat those lashes and pout those pretty lips. By the end, though, they realize that I prefer those lips stretched around a ball gag, or wide open and trembling while they gasp for air when we try a little breath play. Those curves they like to flaunt and shake always look better across my lap or stretched atop a discipline bench for me to treat the way that I want to do.  And, oh, that lovely skin is so much more pleasing with some flushed marks from my hands or a paddle or a crop, as they tremble and cry out loud with every impact… would you like to watch, indulge your voyeuristic side, or […]
July 18, 2017

Breast Smothering

Large breasts are good for so many things. One such thing is smothering naughty men, sissies, or adult babies. Covering that misbehaving little one’s face with my large breasts and making them struggle for air is a wonderful punishment. Knowing that I could press down a little bit harder and they couldn’t get any air at all, it is thrilling. I especially love to smother an adult baby who keeps making a messy diaper when I told them not to. I stand at their heads and lean over their face pressing my breasts into their face while changing their dirty diaper. My naughty little one always struggles trying to breath while I do this. I make sure to take my time changing them so that they are at the point of passing out by the time I am done. I love how red their face goes and the slight blue tint to their lips. Barb 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #smotheringfetish #smothering #breastsmothering
October 23, 2008


Well i guess we all have days like this that when we wake everyone scatters.At least the dog and cat does at my house because they know not to say a word until i get that first cup of coffee in me.Because i guess i am a bear until then its like don’t look and don’t speak until then.And get that cock out of my face till i get my coffee please then i will take care of it for you. Minnie
October 7, 2008


So you think i am a dirty huh.well honey you haven’t seen anything yet.Cum and let me show you just how dirty i get really get with you.I will smile ever so sweetly for you while i masturbate and i make you watch me while i do it too.I will look you straight in the eyes while i rub my pussy and clit moaning ever so softly.And still you won’t be allowed to touch me yet,all the while watching as your cock grows stronger and bigger begging to fuck me.I know you want to my sweet i can see it in your eyes and the way your body is moving toward the bed where i am laying.Think you can handle me i sure hope so because i love to get fucked now you can cum to my bed i will let you touch me and pleasure me. Minnie http://www, 1-888-938-7382
August 14, 2008


now who wouldn’t like to take their nice strong hands and rub them up and down these nice legs of mine. i would especially enjoy it if that was a nice young cock stroking me bringing it right up between my legs and putting it deep inside of me oh just thinking of it makes me want to cream on myself. want to help me fulfill that fantasy i would love for you to. Minnie
June 7, 2008

BBW Facesitting

    Picture you lying helpless beneath me, bound and gazing up at the soft patch of hair over my pussy. What comes down first to cover your face though is my round ass. I wiggle against your face and order you to inhale and worship. Have you ever experienced BBW facesitting? If not you need to call and find yourself under my Goddess backside. The view is spectacular.   Kisses, Emma  
April 25, 2008

tit worship

     I know that you like bigger girls. I also know that you crank your meat thinking about being smothered beneath my tits and my thick ass. I happen to know that your face would make the perfect little seat for my ass. Forced tit and ass worship is what you will get if you call me to submit.   Kisses, Emma
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