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December 27, 2008

dangerous Giantess

She doesn’t even know that you are there, standing in her plate. She is laughing and talking to her friends and you are scrambling trying to climb out of this huge battlefield. You get to the edge, and are almost out, as the spoon swoops down and knocks you back to the middle of the plate. It’s no use, you aren’t getting out, you tell yourself. Then she brings the spoon down and you are on it. Watching in horror as you move towards her mouth, should you jump, or just go with some dignity, a meal for a Giantess?   Kisses, Emma    
November 15, 2008

My little man

Don’t worry, I will share my toy. The other end is for you. The more you lean into it, and the deeper it goes, the smaller you grow. I really like this special magic lube that I put on it. Now you will be the size of a sex toy. Smaller than this one, and perfect for me. I don’t know what you are fussing about, you’ve been whining to get in my panties for weeks now. I guess this wasn’t the way you intended to be in them though.   Kisses,| Emma
October 25, 2008

fun fun

  Ok here are the answers from last week’s post.     1. Halloween is the day before All Saint’s Day. 2. Turnips were the first Jack O Lanterns 3. Mary Shelley was the mind behind Frankenstein.           As it gets colder there are new things to go and do that we have forgotten about. I get to go see foot ball games, and drink apple cider. The nights are getting cool enough to bundle up some. It’s also closer to time to begin my holiday shopping. I try to get it out of the way so I don’t have to fight crowds. This year, I am trying even harder, I will be shopping online.   Kisses, Emma
September 27, 2008

what a great week

  This week has been very interesting. You guys rock at coming up with interesting roleplays for us to do. I had one that had me grow up to a huge size after a doctor gave me an odd vaccination before a trip out of the country. One tiny man that I found in my cigarette pack really made my night. Then I had a man who shrunk smaller and smaller as I talked to him, my voice was in a pitch that shrunk people. Thank you for the fun week, and I hope a fun weekend.   Kisses, Emma  
September 13, 2008

giantess peaches

       Check out this Giantess, she’s made of peaches. So sexy and yummy ~hehe~. I would love to see something like this in real life. Or even better bring a statue like that to life and watch the tiny people scatter and scramble. Ok so maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I do like thinking about it. Daydreaming is healthy so go ahead and think on it.   Kisses, Emma
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