latex fetish

June 22, 2013

Latex Fetish

Oh my sissy loves her latex so much she drools when she thinks of her latex laying in wait for her when she gets home from work.She can’t wait to get her toys out and her latex and get all dressed up for me.I so enjoy having her to dress up just like the little sissy she really is.And listen to her suck that pacifer just as if it was a nice big cock in her mouth that she dreams of someday.But for now she enjoys her latex and diapers and toys and dressing up for me and watching certain video’s that she is allowed to watch. Because she never knows what kind of punishment i might have in store for her if she disobey’s me and we can’t have that now can we my little latex sissy. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
December 9, 2012

Latex, diapers and other sexy things…

Some of you know I have a love of latex. There is nothing like the feel of sliding into some tight latex pants or a short sexy dress. The smell, the feel, there is nothing like it. And there are endless styles of latex clothing. And as a Domme, wearing Latex can add to the feelings of power in a session. It also goes well in another fetish that I enjoy, medical fetishism. One of our regular callers here likes to mix diapers and latex. A short latex skirt over a diaper or just wearing latex panties. We love to talk about all kinds of latex fantasies, share pics and we give him assignments to carry out involving wearing diapers, latex or both. It is all very hot and I love having someone else to talk to that mixes diapers with latex. I enjoy many different fetishes and fantasies. Some of them even run to the darker side. If you have a fetish or fantasy that you feel you cannot share with anyone else, I […]
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