sissy maid

July 29, 2015

Diaper Sissy

Do fantasize about a cute little bratty dome teasing you about your little dick? Do you love small penis humiliation? I’m the perfect little barely legal dome. How does a grown ass man like you allow a sweet young thing like me completely control you? I mean I don’t think it gets any more pathetic then that! I love cuckolding middle aged losers who need to be put back in diapers and treated like a sissy baby. I mean what good are you to me? I sure as hell don’t want to fuck you, that little noodle you call a dick looks more like a little clit to me. I have a 7 yr old nephew who has a bigger dick then you. I’ll force you in to being my diaper slave and keep you diapered twenty four seven. You will become the official lady of the house and do all the domestic chores. You will cook dinner for my boyfriend and I wearing a sissy maid dress. Oh did you see that? Did you […]
October 4, 2012

Now accepting sissy maid applications

I am currently accepting applications for a sissy maid. You must be a hard worker and completely and utterly willing to serve your Mistress without question or complaint. Think you can handle it bitch boy? You know men were put on this earth to serve women, Me in particular. I have many household chores that need to be handled and I am much to busy training sluts like you to get it all done. Besides, I should NOT be down on my knees cleaning toilets. No, that is a job for sissy boi’s like YOU. I should be relaxing and doing whatever the hell I feel like doing while you tend my massive shoe collection, shine my latex and bring order to my array of disciplinary instruments. Then at the end of the day, after you have shown me that you are worthy AND if you are lucky, I will let you suck my massive strap-on while you fiddle with that ridiculous piece of meat between your legs. And maybe, just MAYBE, I will allow […]
July 17, 2012

Domme Victoria

I am you Domme Victoria i will have you screaming from either pleasure or pain your choice sometimes,I will let you have little peeks of my snatch if your a good one and if you do exactly as your instructed think you will be able to handle what i can and will dish out to you. As Domme i demand the upmost respect from you as you know or will learn Victoria does not tolerate disrepect from anyone especially a slave.But seriously now i don’t think you can handle the things that will be required of you.So just run along now be on your way but before i let you go you can have one small peek at my snatch. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
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