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January 3, 2009

GTS fantasies

  Hi little man, have you found the right girl to roleplay all of your GTS fantasies? The one who makes you shiver with excitement as she walks you through watching her grow, and grow? Give me a try then, I am 5’8” normally, and about 152 lb.’s. I like to grow to enormous heights though for my giantess infatuated callers. Sometimes I just shrink them, but often I grow.  Our fetish is a unique one, not everyone can appreciate it. Let’s have some fun though.   Kisses, Emma
December 20, 2008

Finding sexy images everywhere

        Look around you and if you start noticing sexual things around you, you might realize you are a very sexual person. I do this. I find myself seeing nude bodies in the clouds, or curves of men and women anyway. There are naughty things to be discovered everywhere, in the way water erodes rock formations, it’s just wild. Maybe I am the only nutty nympho who sees them hehehe.   Kisses, Emma  
December 13, 2008

secret powers

About three years ago Chelsea discovered she had a power. If she scratched someone they would shrink, it was if her fingernails were poisonous. The only problem was she didn’t know how to reverse it. After a long night at work she returned home to find it was on fire. A small fire had spread to the hall, blocking her roommate from getting out. Part of the roof had fallen and was blocking the door, she was able to get an arm out, but neither of them was able to move the fallen ceiling. In a split decision to save her friend’s life she scratched her, and as she shrunk kept a hold of her to pull her free. When the shrinking stopped she ended up four inches tall. Sound like fun?   Kisses, Emma   fetish phonesex  
November 1, 2008

How did it happen?

         One of my caller s wrote me the coolest story. It’s about a woman who comes down with this strange illness. She has flu symptoms at first, but then as her fever grows higher, she in fact grows larger. At first it is small amounts that are hard to detect. Then though she is too tall for her bed she is recovering in. Her boyfriend that is caring for her begins to grow afraid. Her doctors have no solution. When she cries and he tries to help her tears hit him like giant raindrops, it grows stranger.     Kisses, Emma
October 25, 2008

fun fun

  Ok here are the answers from last week’s post.     1. Halloween is the day before All Saint’s Day. 2. Turnips were the first Jack O Lanterns 3. Mary Shelley was the mind behind Frankenstein.           As it gets colder there are new things to go and do that we have forgotten about. I get to go see foot ball games, and drink apple cider. The nights are getting cool enough to bundle up some. It’s also closer to time to begin my holiday shopping. I try to get it out of the way so I don’t have to fight crowds. This year, I am trying even harder, I will be shopping online.   Kisses, Emma
October 18, 2008

Short Halloween Quiz

    A little October and Halloween trivia for you all.   Ok, Halloween is the day before what Holiday? El Dia de los Muertos Fall Equinox All Saints Day All Souls Day   What vegetable was originally carved and had a candle in it that used by the Irish until they found it hard to find? Cantaloupe Squash Turnip Gourd     Who wrote the novel “Frankenstein”? Edgar Allen Poe Jules Verne Rudyard Kipling Mary Shelley Kisses, Emma
October 4, 2008

small and helpless

  He was so small and helpless. I didn’t even notice him as he crawled under a piece of lettuce to hide. He spent the next thirty minutes or so dodging my fork as he hid in my salad. He thought if he crawled out from the plate he would be squashed by my glass of water, or my elbow. So he took his chances dodging the fork. P, you were fun to chase around the salad bowl, I hope you had fun too.   Kisses, Emma
September 13, 2008

giantess peaches

       Check out this Giantess, she’s made of peaches. So sexy and yummy ~hehe~. I would love to see something like this in real life. Or even better bring a statue like that to life and watch the tiny people scatter and scramble. Ok so maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I do like thinking about it. Daydreaming is healthy so go ahead and think on it.   Kisses, Emma
August 16, 2008

A Pregnant Giantess

     A caller of mine asked for an audio about a pregnant Giantess. I thought about it and asked him more about what he wanted to hear. He seemed to want to know a lot about her cravings for foods, and how her belly as it grew. I think he explained himself enough to make a good descriptive audio. It made me curious though if other people liked this too? He asked me and I told him I had no idea, but that I would blog about it and try to find out. So this is how I am asking. Anyone enjoy this too?   Kisses, Emma  
August 9, 2008

Sharing is caring

     Have you heard that phrase before? I have heard it a lot. I also agree with it. That’s why I have such an enjoyable time doing calls with the other dirty girls and guys here. So when you are in the mood for a pair of Giantesses, I am not the only Giantess fan around. No I have done these macropholia calls with Lizabeth, Isabella, and Mistress Angel. Probably more but those I remember very well. It doesn’t matter where you want your fantasy to go. We do it all together.   Kisses, Emma  
August 2, 2008

shrink juice

       I’ll bet you’d like to see the rest of that picture, and discover who is between those legs. Or maybe there isn’t anyone you can easily see as they are shrunken down to a more pleasant size for me. I was thinking on what if my juices could shrink men? They’d be lapping it up, and gradually growing smaller and smaller until they were in the palm of my hand. What a fearful and interesting place we’d live in if this were possible.   Kisses, Emma  
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