putting you in panties

December 5, 2008


  Once I give an order I expect it to be followed promptly and to the letter. Well a circumstance arose the other day in which it was not properly obeyed. So what else was I supposed to do but bring down My wrath? The punishment was a paddling with no warm up and once I was done he said his little butt was burning so I made him sit in a bowl of ice water with his cock down in there also. If you think of being insolent with Me your Master this could be awaiting you, slut.   Master Paul
October 17, 2008

From Hell

      Sometimes a regular spanking won’t do. Just some tapping from my every day paddle won’t get the point across. On days like that my bitches need a spanking from hell. One that will make you wish that your actually were on fire, as it would hurt less than this. Now you might be wondering what could a sweet subbie do to deserve this sort of punishment? Why don’t you try me and find out.        Master Paul      
September 28, 2008

Sissy Store

I took one of my little sissy girls to the mall the other day for a unique shopping experience. He was to pick out and try on his new outfit, shoes and makeup. We started at the clothes store so that he could try on dresses for my enjoyment and his embarrassment. He settled on a white lacy sundress. Next to the shoe store we went for him to model about a half dozen new shoes before getting a pair or white sandals with little flowers on them. Then on to the makeup counter for a full makeover. By the time we left he was the sissy boy that we wanted him to be.    Master Paul  
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