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September 1, 2008

Campfire Nookie

      Some friends of ours invited us to go camping with them and we were more than eager to go because we had been looking for a quick weekend getaway. So we packed up our gear and followed them and two other couples to the state park and found a far and out of site campsite. We pitched our tent and that wasn’t the only type of tent I planed on pitching if you know what I mean. There is nothing as good as a meal cooked on the open flames of a fire. Then came the booze tequila shots and I knew I was in for a great night. I loved the treat we got when the ladies began there teasing around with the other guys there were lap dances and flirting and stripteases and boobs flashing. We all eventually began making out around the fire and some wild sex ensued. It was a free for all of naked flesh moans and groans. We would love to tell you more so give us a […]
August 24, 2008

Her Body

      I often wonder how I ended up with Riley and the beautiful body that she has. Have you had a good look at it? Lets start with her face and hair doesn’t she look like a model in a magazine. Then her hot tits nice full and round with those sweet perfect nipples to put your mouth on. Then on to her tight round full ass that you could rub and kiss on all night long. And those long slim legs that you cant help but stare at. Last but not least is that slippery wet hot pussy that just begs to be fucked and licked. Oh and I almost forgot about those kissable blowjob lips that she has. I consider myself one very lucky guy to call her mine and have her to share.      Jason swingers phonesex 1-888-938-7382
August 17, 2008

Going Down

      What could be more intimate to do to your sex partner than to have oral sex with them? I for one cant really tell you how much I love to give and receive this wonderful act. To taste the flesh and sweet juices that they offer and to bring them to orgasm with your tongue and lips. The smell of your lovers sweat as you satisfy their need for sex.So the next time you are with your lover climb down between their legs and give them a good tongue lashing both of you will enjoy the outcome.     Jason and Riley    
August 11, 2008


     One of the fun things that we like to do is watch the other having some hardcore sex with someone else. It’s so thrilling to see your partner getting serviced by another person as you look on and masturbate as you see them getting off. And the best part is knowing that when they get done or sometimes before you can jump right on in and really have some fun. So if this sounds like fun to you give us a call and help make your and our fantasy cum true.   Jason and Riley  
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