hot granny

January 5, 2013


Ever dream much well i do and sometimes they are just so hot and erotic i wake up wet between my legs.Then that hot feeling is with me all freaking day long until i get some release now we all know how i am going to do that right. I love it when my neighbors son comes home from school since he goes to school out of state i don’t see much of him.But when that rare time he comes home to his parents he always makes sure he comes to visit me also.Its like he knows when i start having those erotic hot dreams he drops his bags in the front door way and here he comes to visit with me.As soon as he gets my front door closed he is stripping down to his pure naked glory.Doesn’t matter what i am doing he takes me right where i am time and time again he fucks me.Can’t wait till his next visit because i am more than ready for him.I get so hot thinking […]
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