masturbation fetish

May 6, 2017

Naughty Phone Sex with Aunty!

Goodness, what has your phone sex Aunty caught you doing? Not only are you going through her panty drawer, but you already have a pair on! I should tell your mother about this, I really should. Don’t you think she should know that her son is a phone sex panty boy? You don’t want me to, do you? You want this to be our little secret? Then you’re going to have to do something for me, sweetie.  You think I didn’t notice when you watched me as I got ready for bed, but I did. Why do you think I would put on my prettiest bra and panties just to go to bed? Did you think I draped myself across the bed like that all the time, at just the right angle for you to see my wet pussy as I pulled the crotch to the side and played with myself?  That wasn’t an accident, I knew exactly what I was doing, and how it made you excited and hard. Would you like to find […]
September 2, 2008

Naughty Nanny

oh yes my little ones i can be as naughty as you and probably more so since nanny has had more experience.but since you have been bad you really need to come and see me and see what kind of punishment i have for might be a spanking,blindfolded,tied up or just never know with me. so come and see you nanny rachel. Rachel
August 27, 2008

naughty son-in-law part 3

well as you all know that has been following the story of my son-in-law. i had to use a belt on him last week as part of his punishment for not doing what needs to be done,around the house and taking care of my daughter his i had to take things in hand.well now i had this nice little surprise left in the bag just for david.when i brought it out for him to put on i thought that daughter of mine was going to die laughing at him,because of what he was having to wear from now on just for the weekends.and if he try pulling this stunt again i told him it would get worse for him i would parade him up and down in front of his home on a leash wearing this.underneath this is a nice clean diaper that my daughter will change and he has to wear this to work and can not change it until she comes home from work and does it for him after his chores […]
July 30, 2008


Does this one need a good punishment of some kind. well you have found the right one my sweet. i can hand out some of the best that you will ever get. need to be tied up,strapped, beat, or maybe even have a strap-on used on you,i love all kinds of role-plays i can be sweet and i can be not so nice so call me and find out what kind of mood i am in today. Rachel
July 22, 2008


well  now as you all know i can be one kinky granny. i do love to get down and dirty with these young studs that think they are so cool. it is alot fun to watch them sweating and panting for breathe because they can’t keep up with me.whether you are old or young i love it when you do try so hard it makes me smile ever so sweetly. think you are up for the challenge sweetie. then give me a call i would love to take that cock of yours deep inside my hot wet pussy. and watch you squirm and those eyes of yours roll back in your head.
July 7, 2008

late afternoon

late one afternoon i got this phone call sitting here talking to this guy on the phone. just chatting away then i realized i had no ideal who he was but the sound of his voice i didn’t care just wanted to hear it. he had this deep sexy voice that just made me want to cream on myself, the more he talked the hotter i got, we talked about just nothing really finally after about a hour on the phone i ask for his name he said your not so and so i laughed and said no he said oh i am so sorry, i laughed again said well i’m not,before he hung i told him to please call again,never did he his name but i do hope he gets the same wrong number again.* hehee* doris
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