April 29, 2013


And you thought the nightmares you had as a child was bad until you met and agreed to become my slave the documents you agreed to sign was something unexpected.But you also realized that i would have to protect myself.Just that you wonder now what that you are strapped to the cross looking thing what is going to happen next you have already been spanking with a belt and that was very painful. You dart your eyes around seeing no one yet in sight then you hear those footsteps getting closer and closer then your told to keep your eyes down at all times that when you see those legs and heels and that crop she is holding and you shiver thinking what is going to happen now.Then your also told no to say a word that if you do the pain will only be worst for you.She looks at you but never smiles her eyes from what you can tell is blue but even at that your not sure.The only thing else she says […]
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