March 17, 2014

Hot tub pussy

I thought I was all alone just a few minute’s in the public hotel hot tub with my back to the wall and movie aside my bikini bottom just a bit positioned my excited pussy right in front of the tub jet.   In all my moaning as the woosh of warm,bubbly water blast’s my throbbing clit I never heard the door open and it was so dark I only felt the water move when he got behind me. He slipped my top off my tit’s bounced right out and then he put his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. He spread my leg’s real wide and yanked my bikini bottom’s down hard pushing up against me I felt his hard cock pound my hot box and at the same time the bubbly water surged against my clit, ahhhh I came as he did. Finally he turned me toward him and I drank in the muscular arm’s and he said” Not done with you yet.” He boosted me up to the side […]
March 4, 2014

pleasure my pussy

Come on you know you want too, Pleasure my soft pussy just lick it real slow, yeah just keep going til I can’t handle it and then lick it harder! Oh you want her to watch us play with each other and get sweaty together you are a bad boy, I think you need a naked paddlingcome and get over my knee so I can give you some hard one’s. Now, why are you groaning like that? I think you like being punished for your behavior don’t you? You just really enjoy being naked in front of me and my sexy girlfriend Shauna right? Shauna we should preform some girl on girl pussy pleasing for him to watch and who know’s maybe she is better at playing with my pussy than you! I am not really sure what use I do have for you now hehehe you can watch and learn ok? Crissy 1*888*430*2010
May 13, 2013

the Dirty mind of daddy

The Dirty mind of daddy, It is late I am sleeping in my pastel pink bedroom. He never makes a sound as he opens my door and pulls the covers back, I always pretend to be sound asleep but I am not I get so excited when he gets there I think I wet my panties while he is opening the door. Daddy turns me over gently then he slowly unbuttons my nightie when he has my nightie off he always whispers” How beautiful my breast’s are then he leans down and starts to lick my tit’s every inch of them. As he makes his way down past my belly he pulls my soaking panties with his teeth then he puts his whole face on my pussy first kissing it and licking my swollen clit,then I can really tell he is excited like I am too cause he shoves his tongue deep inside of my soft pussy. In and out slow at first then faster. Daddy leans up so he can whisper in my ear […]
February 18, 2013

Breast feeding mommy

Breast feeding mommy makes your cock hard. You see her Big tits. The little diaper you are wearing gets tighter and tighter from your hard on growing harder still. Mommy starts to lean down toward you a full view of her pretty creamy tits. Your mouth waters for her round nipples. She senses that you hunger for her big boobs and picks you up and unties her nightie and out comes her breasts. Your fingers touch and rub her nipples making them instantly hard to match the hardness in your diaper. Mommy starts to moan as you slip her nipple into your lips and suckle it soft and sweet her juicy milk trickles down your throat , you are in abdl heaven with your sexy, caring topless Mommy. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
April 14, 2012

Hot milf action

Hot milf action with mommy Crissy is always so imaginative and addicting. I had one of the dirtiest craziest fantasy’s the other night I was with my friend Jasmine and we were at our fave shop in the dressing room. She was trying on this really sexy dress and I was trying on the most beautiful corset and skirt I could find. She asked me to help her with the clasps in the back of her dress so I stepped behind her and I had no idea how good she smelled like lilacs and roses and I clasped her 2 bottom clasps and she reached her pretty hand under my silver skirt and started caressing my thigh. I started thinking about what to do next and I just went with it and I slipped my had under the top half of her dress and grasped her full, round breast and fingered her nipple and she moaned softly. “I have been wanting to do this” I said and she turned around and started lowering herself until […]
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