mommy fuck

June 11, 2011

Morning wood, my dear?

It looks like someone’s got morning wood! Was it because you were dreaming of me, my sweet little Abie? Did you dream about sucking on my big, beautiful boobs while I played with your pee-pee? Or did you dream about Mommy Crissy kissing you gently down there, then licking and sucking on you like you’re a delicious ice cream cone? Or was the dream about kissing and licking my mommy parts, and putting a big smile on Mommy Crissy’s face? Or, did you dream about putting your nice, hard pee-pee inside Mommy and squirting your love juice all over me? I’d love to hear about your naughty, naughty dreams and fantasies you have about me. It makes me all tingly just thinking about it! Give me a call at 1*888*430*2010 and tell me all about your sexy fantasies, and let Mommy Crissy make your wet dreams come true! Remember, Mommy Crissy specializes in diaper fetish, abdl, mommy fetish, and , just to name a few!
June 6, 2011

Mommy’s dirty secret

Looks like my ab found out Mommy Crissy’s dirty little secret! You were fast asleep, when all of a sudden you heard Mommy moaning, then laughing and screaming! It was just like when Mommy’s friend, Kyle, used to have sleepovers. … Except Kyle wasn’t here tonight. Curious, you slipped out of bed, then up the stairs to Mommy’s room. You cracked the door open to see, and let out an innocent gasp in total shock! I looked over to see the source of the sudden noise, and saw my sweet, diaper-wearing Abie!  A warm smile came over my face, and I invited you over to see Mommy’s dirty little secret! Mommy just got a new toy, and just couldn’t wait to play with it!  It’s long, funny shaped, and puts a huge smile on Mommy Crissy’s face! Call Mommy Crissy at  1*888*430*2010 and let Mommy Crissy tell you how to put it in her Mommy parts and make her really moan and scream! And remember, Mommy Crissy specializes in abdl, Mommy fuck, diaper fetish, and […]
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