jacking off

December 31, 2008


Why is it that just because someone gets older most everyone thinks well time for sexual experiences and play are over.Well i hate to bust the bubble but this granny is still hot and loves sex no matter what i love making love no matter where it maybe or whatever love taking on these younger men and showing them just what this granny can do,i have had quite a few surprised looks on some of their faces afterward they are amazed that this lady can out do them.Think you can keep up with me cum then let us see if you can i might let you put that dick of yours inside me. Minnie
August 27, 2008

Anything Goes

hey there all you naughty boys have you ever had a nanny as dirty and naughty as i am bet you haven’t.i love my toys when i don’t have a man around to play with.i love to play with all kind of things i do love to get kinky. i wonder what kind of toys you would have for me to play with,if you have any cum and play with me.i promise to give you a really good time with or without those toys. Rachel
August 5, 2008


do you really think you can handle this granny here i don’t think so really many many have tried and failed . but now i have to say it sure was fun trying, those hot sweaty bodies and those nice hard cocks thrusting in and out of me. they were tired long before i was.so you think your the man for the job *huh* well i think you should give me a call and we shall see if you can keep up, Minnie 1-888-430-2010
July 30, 2008


Does this one need a good punishment of some kind. well you have found the right one my sweet. i can hand out some of the best that you will ever get. need to be tied up,strapped, beat, or maybe even have a strap-on used on you,i love all kinds of role-plays i can be sweet and i can be not so nice so call me and find out what kind of mood i am in today. Rachel
July 29, 2008

bath time

is it time for a bathe my little one well come on and i will run a nice tub of warm water.i will give you a nice warm bathe and put some nice jammies on and tuck you into bed.and maybe if you like i can give you a nice warm bottle, with that nice diapered bottom you will sleep very good won’t you sweetie. DORIS
June 10, 2008

cooling off

need some help trying to stay cool in the hot weather we are having then come to me i will help cool you down. maybe with some water pouring over you or maybe with a real good fucking. and then maybe with both would love to get into the water with you and fuck for as long as you could stand it.come then and let me cool you off. check me out at phoneamommy or madisonsdirtysecrets grannny minnie
June 3, 2008

very hot

one very hot man oh yeah would love to take those pants down and see what he has inside those jeans of his.love a good healthy looking man that works out and would love to take that jug of water and pour down inside of those pants and run my fingers there to rub that water all over his body yummy. now if you get too hot in this summer sun just call me at madisondirtysecrets grannyminnie
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