October 23, 2008


Well i guess we all have days like this that when we wake everyone scatters.At least the dog and cat does at my house because they know not to say a word until i get that first cup of coffee in me.Because i guess i am a bear until then its like don’t look and don’t speak until then.And get that cock out of my face till i get my coffee please then i will take care of it for you. Minnie
September 2, 2008


I am the type of person that really enjoys life whatever comes my way i try to make good from it.i enjoy dining out with friends or a just a friend.just wish all things were as simple as life is really.when you meet someone that your attracted to hopefully it will work out for you sometimes it doesn’t even if you get to remain friends there is always the touch you need from that person and no matter how much you try to push it away it lingers there in the back of your mind,you miss the little things like a smile or a laugh or the thrust of his cock going deep inside you and that moan coming from down deep in your throat.when that happens the sweat coming from the pores of the bodies as they make passionate love together and  that ever glowing feeling afterwards. Minnie
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