ass worship

July 7, 2015

Mommy Michelle’s oh-so-perfect ass

I know, I KNOW!  My heart shaped tush is too glorious for words. And I know how you just can’t help yourself. Standing there, hard dick quivering. One miniscule drop of precum, hanging. You want to reach out, I Know you do. One SMACK from My ruler has taught you different. Has taught you to approach me properly. Begging is good, groveling MIGHT do it. Asking definitely can get you places. Do you even know WHAT to do once you have arrived?  Do you have ANY idea how to properly worship My divine bum? Step into my boudoir and let’s find out… Mommy Michelle 888-430-2010
June 28, 2008

a change in plans

     I had noticed my roomate has been prety down lately. She hadn’t been home much and all of a sudden she was again. Seems she and her boyfriend are having problems. So I rented some movies, got some ice cream and called some of our friends over to cheer her up. Her boyfriend came over to talk to her and they stayed in her room for an hour before we all gave up on them. Some party huh? Well everyone left except for one girl and we started playing around and flirting. Before I knew it we were back in my room for some girl on girl fun. She has the sweetest pussy so in the end it all worked out. Kisses, Emma    
June 7, 2008

BBW Facesitting

    Picture you lying helpless beneath me, bound and gazing up at the soft patch of hair over my pussy. What comes down first to cover your face though is my round ass. I wiggle against your face and order you to inhale and worship. Have you ever experienced BBW facesitting? If not you need to call and find yourself under my Goddess backside. The view is spectacular.   Kisses, Emma  
April 25, 2008

tit worship

     I know that you like bigger girls. I also know that you crank your meat thinking about being smothered beneath my tits and my thick ass. I happen to know that your face would make the perfect little seat for my ass. Forced tit and ass worship is what you will get if you call me to submit.   Kisses, Emma
March 4, 2008


        I got into some of that with a guy last night. He was open to anything I wanted to do so I decided to cover him in my ass. I tied him gently to my bed and squatted over him. Made him watch as my ass got closer and closer to his nose and mouth. At this point he was begging me to smother him.      Wanting to feel his face pressed against my ass and to spread my cheeks across his nose, I lowered myself down. My guy buried his nose and mouth into my ass and pleased me. I had waves of orgasm for minutes that seemed like hours. You should have seen all that cream.  Kisses, Emma
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