March 28, 2012

Golden showers

I once knew a man who had a very exciting ritual he liked to take golden showers with his favorite lady friends. He was really into the feel of a yellow river and the sensation of floating in a bathtub filled with lady parts. The more the merrier he always said. So I invited 3 other girlfriend’s to have a water sport’s party at his condo. We all got into our bikini’s and climbed into his 5 person hot tub and he laid down on the bottom and got ready for the gold rush. We each took a full bottle of water in with us and slammed it down our throats. Smiling we started singing Row row your boat and where ever we would stop that girl would let her juice loose and then we all started to do it all at once. This guy was getting so turned on so each of us took turns kissing and strokeing him before going back to our slippery business. You wanna get wet and wild with me […]
March 12, 2008

wet tits

It’s getting warmer down here. Before long I will be back outside spraying my tits, and teasing the neighbors. What if you lived across the street from my roommate and I? I bet you’d be wanking your stick from your window as you watched us run around spraying one another. Kisses, Emma
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