February 1, 2018

Pissy Sissy Phone Fantasy

You are just far too dry in that cute sissy outfit, I think Mommy needs to add something to your get up. I love to have hot, filthy pissy phone sex with dirty sissy sluts. I’m going to drench you in my golden nectar, letting it run down your needy body, covering you in my piss. Drink up, piss slut, Mommy Jackie wants to hear you gurgle and guzzle it, licking up every drop of me you can get you greedy pissy sissy. If you love golden shower phone sex as much as I do, give Mommy Jackie a call and let’s play. That adorable, frilly, skirt and panties you’re wearing are going to be soaked in no time, and I’ll have you begging for more of my sweet, hot pee. On your knees now, that’s Mommy’s good little piss slut. XOXO Jackie Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy 1-888-430-2010 #fetishphonesex #goldenshower #prodomme
July 27, 2015

Sabrina’s secret fetish

Sabrina’s diary holds a lot of my inner most secrets but, for the first time I am about to tell you my deepest fetish.  I love being the one that does all the dominating but, for once in my life I would love to be the submissive.  I want to be tied up and gagged.  I want to be the one getting humiliated and dressed like a sissy bitch.  For many years I have wanted to be a adult baby and wear diapers and rubber diaper covers.  I want to dress in pink and be told what a sissy bitch I am.  Having a dominatrix bend me over and shove a strap on up my ass.  I want to be spanked and handcuffed to a bed.  Being dominated looks so much fun when I am the one doing it.  I see the pleasure it gives to all my sissy cuckolds that it makes me a little envious.  I want to be the one that is getting my hair pulled and forced to do as I […]
June 9, 2015

Mommy Loves Her Sissy

  Mommy Candy loves playing with little sissy baby in her little panties. Dressing sissy up in pretty babydoll dresses with matching rumba panties. Taking my abdl sissy shopping for tights and diapers, along with everything mommy needs to take care of sissy. I mean after all my sissy baby needs to look like the perfect little princess when I take you to the mall. Call your abdl Mommy Candy and lets get started!! 1 888 430*2010
March 14, 2012

AB/DL Sissy Academy

Look at you, you horny miniature slut.  Are you ready for your AB/DL Sissy Academy Training? You’re dressed like a slut cock whore with a great deal of makeup on, you cum-craving little Slut. Mmmmmm., What a sexy little bitch you have become with all this training I have given you. Really, you look so good in my panties and bra along with the blonde, curly long-haired wig and special-sized red strappy heels we found together. I just love seeing that cock, or I should say your mangina, swollen and ready for action *laugh* little do you know that I am ready with my big strap on to give you what you need.  Are you ready little fucken slut. Stretch those silky panties to the side. Ooooh, are you ready the AB/DL Sissy Academy starts now! Naughty whore call me. Cali 1*888*430*2010
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