March 18, 2013

I am the sexy pantiestuffer

I am the sexy pantiestuffer. A busty fetish,fantasy babe that you were thinking about last nite. You have seen me a few times walking to my car, I am a big mystery to you which makes me all the more sexy. In your dirty mind you stop me when I get to my car & pull my silky,red panties down to my ankles. As you open the door to the back seat you lay me out press your self against me so I can feel that raging hard cock you have for me. You leave my panties on my ankles and drape my legs around your neck while you tear my top open with your other hand, you watch with a horny smile as the air hits my bare hard nipples. teasing and pinching them I am getting such a wet pussy now. You somehow sense this & slip my panties off ,spread my legs as wide as you can. Pulling your cock out you dangle my panties on the head then pound my panties […]
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