giantess girl

January 17, 2009

little fight

   My little caller T. made me this picture of two tiny men wrestling for a spot close to my tits. He always has new picture ideas, and is pretty creative. Poor T. has been shrunk, made to grow back to normal while leaving some parts tiny, eaten, smashed; T. has been through a lot. I think he is a honey bunny though for being so good to me, and making me cute pictures.   Kisses, Emma
October 4, 2008

small and helpless

  He was so small and helpless. I didn’t even notice him as he crawled under a piece of lettuce to hide. He spent the next thirty minutes or so dodging my fork as he hid in my salad. He thought if he crawled out from the plate he would be squashed by my glass of water, or my elbow. So he took his chances dodging the fork. P, you were fun to chase around the salad bowl, I hope you had fun too.   Kisses, Emma
July 12, 2008

Naughty Nipple Play

    Most men seem to like tits and nipples. Good for me since I happen to have them. I get wild with lust when someone teases my nipples though. Intense sucking or nibbling can push me over the edge. When a man just takes two hands and grabs up one of my tits and sucks as hard as he can I am in heaven. I also like nipple toys like clamps and potions to make them tingle. How sensitive are yours?   Kisses, Emma
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