naughty son-in-law part 3

August 25, 2008
Anything Goes
August 27, 2008

well as you all know that has been following the story of my son-in-law. i had to use a belt on him last week as part of his punishment for not doing what needs to be done,around the house and taking care of my daughter his i had to take things in hand.well now i had this nice little surprise left in the bag just for david.when i brought it out for him to put on i thought that daughter of mine was going to die laughing at him,because of what he was having to wear from now on just for the weekends.and if he try pulling this stunt again i told him it would get worse for him i would parade him up and down in front of his home on a leash wearing this.underneath this is a nice clean diaper that my daughter will change and he has to wear this to work and can not change it until she comes home from work and does it for him after his chores are done.his job on the weekends and after work is to be my daughters maid.he will do whatever needs and whatever she wants done.


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