September 30, 2013

Dirty dean and a sexy college girl

Two cute dark haired college girl’s are gossiping back and forth to each other. “Crissy is a sexy college girl her skirt is short and her top is low cut. Guy’s look at her and think she must be a slut.” one of them say’s. The other one say’s “She get’s called into the dean’s office a whole bunch I wonder if she like’s going up there.”  I was walking by the door once and this is what I saw. The dean had Crissy over desk and her legs were spread wide I could see her red panties and he was spanking her hard. “No,Mr. dean I am not a dirty girl I keep my pantie’s real clean for you!” Crissy said softly. “I do not believe you Ms.Madison and you know what happens if you are naughty and lie to me right?” said the dean.  He snatched her panties down to her ankle’s and pulled her leg’s farther open and he spanked her pussy!! ” I do not think your pantie’s are clean enough maybe […]
November 26, 2012

Sexy bedtime stories

Getting cold outside settle in by the fire,listen to one of my sexy bedtime stories. Having hot chocolate now  I am waiting on my big comfy couch in a sheer black nightie with matching panties. There is a knock at the door Grabbing my robe I go to answer it I know you are on the other side.  You walk in and start to pull my robe off my shoulders then you blindfold me & before I can even speak you lay me out on the floor your hands traveling up my inner thighs. I start to revel in your lusty touch,up your fingers go until you pull down my panties. My naked pussy purrs around the fingers you slip inside it then as you lean your hungry lips to kiss & trace a C around my moist clit this feels sooo good it starts making my legs shake and bounce. As I am losing my self in the thrill of the moment I do not hear the door swing open again. You continue pawing […]
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