giantess buttcrush

January 17, 2009

little fight

   My little caller T. made me this picture of two tiny men wrestling for a spot close to my tits. He always has new picture ideas, and is pretty creative. Poor T. has been shrunk, made to grow back to normal while leaving some parts tiny, eaten, smashed; T. has been through a lot. I think he is a honey bunny though for being so good to me, and making me cute pictures.   Kisses, Emma
October 18, 2008

Short Halloween Quiz

    A little October and Halloween trivia for you all.   Ok, Halloween is the day before what Holiday? El Dia de los Muertos Fall Equinox All Saints Day All Souls Day   What vegetable was originally carved and had a candle in it that used by the Irish until they found it hard to find? Cantaloupe Squash Turnip Gourd     Who wrote the novel “Frankenstein”? Edgar Allen Poe Jules Verne Rudyard Kipling Mary Shelley Kisses, Emma
September 13, 2008

giantess peaches

       Check out this Giantess, she’s made of peaches. So sexy and yummy ~hehe~. I would love to see something like this in real life. Or even better bring a statue like that to life and watch the tiny people scatter and scramble. Ok so maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I do like thinking about it. Daydreaming is healthy so go ahead and think on it.   Kisses, Emma
July 19, 2008

His big weekend

         What do you have planned this weekend? One of my little men is spending the weekend on Giantess Island. At least that was what our call was about. I was a travel agent and he had won a weekend trip to a secluded private island. He didn’t remember entering a contest, but he was up for a prize.      When he was brought to his destination I towered over him and let him know he was to be spending a weekend on Giantess Island. He wasn’t terribly small in comparison to the island inhabitants, but small enough to intimidate. Most of the giantesses are between seven and ten foot tall. I hope he enjoys his stay.   Kisses, Emma
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