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November 15, 2008

My little man

Don’t worry, I will share my toy. The other end is for you. The more you lean into it, and the deeper it goes, the smaller you grow. I really like this special magic lube that I put on it. Now you will be the size of a sex toy. Smaller than this one, and perfect for me. I don’t know what you are fussing about, you’ve been whining to get in my panties for weeks now. I guess this wasn’t the way you intended to be in them though.   Kisses,| Emma
July 5, 2008

giantess feetFoot fetish and Giantess

Are you a fan of Giantess feet? Do you find yourself dreaming of a huge pair of sexy soft feet before you? Giantess feet are a chance for me to combine two favorites. Foot play and macrophilia. I often think of little tiny men climbing up my boots, and crying to touch my bare skin. If they plead long enough I may just unzip those enormous foot cages and let me feet free.   Kisses, Emma  
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