February 17, 2008

Granny Minnie ready to get naughty

Hey ya’ll this is Granny Minnie. I am just lovin this site so far. It’s a great place where we can let loose and share the fun we have had. I know it’s a bit different to be an older woman in the adult industry, but I’m loving every second of it. Those young little hard dick boys just love the heck out of there Granny Minnie! Especially when Granny Minnie gives them a nice comforting plate of cookies with a wet and juicy mouth full of there cock! Oh and don’t forget Granny Minnie can give the best smoking blow job in the adult industry! Have you ever been gummed??? Hehe if not I suggest you try it just once, you will blow your large load so far down my throat that you will lay in numbness begging for more. Well ok Granny has to get back to her boy’s, but I will be back soon to share some more juicy fun with everyone!
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