giantess cleavage

November 1, 2008

How did it happen?

         One of my caller s wrote me the coolest story. It’s about a woman who comes down with this strange illness. She has flu symptoms at first, but then as her fever grows higher, she in fact grows larger. At first it is small amounts that are hard to detect. Then though she is too tall for her bed she is recovering in. Her boyfriend that is caring for her begins to grow afraid. Her doctors have no solution. When she cries and he tries to help her tears hit him like giant raindrops, it grows stranger.     Kisses, Emma
September 27, 2008

what a great week

  This week has been very interesting. You guys rock at coming up with interesting roleplays for us to do. I had one that had me grow up to a huge size after a doctor gave me an odd vaccination before a trip out of the country. One tiny man that I found in my cigarette pack really made my night. Then I had a man who shrunk smaller and smaller as I talked to him, my voice was in a pitch that shrunk people. Thank you for the fun week, and I hope a fun weekend.   Kisses, Emma  
July 5, 2008

giantess feetFoot fetish and Giantess

Are you a fan of Giantess feet? Do you find yourself dreaming of a huge pair of sexy soft feet before you? Giantess feet are a chance for me to combine two favorites. Foot play and macrophilia. I often think of little tiny men climbing up my boots, and crying to touch my bare skin. If they plead long enough I may just unzip those enormous foot cages and let me feet free.   Kisses, Emma  
June 14, 2008

Hanging Around

      I really like playing with my tits. Rubbing oil on them while you watch, using nipple clamps and many things. So I was thinking the last time I teased my tits with clamps what a perfect handle that would be for a shrunken man. I could attach them to my hard nipples and let him hang from the connecting chain. Think of how loud the sound of my breasts swaying would be with you being that tiny. Want to hang out?   Kisses, Emma
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